Revenue Canada Tax Credits on Donations

Donations to the Eglinton Lawrence Conservative Association are eligible for federal tax credits on your income tax return. This chart shows how much you will get back for a donation at various levels.

Contribution  Tax Credit  Cost to You 
$50.00  $37.50  $12.50 
$100.00  $75.00  $25.00 
$250.00  $187.50  $62.50 
$500.00  $350.00  $150.00 
$1,000.00  $558.33  $441.67 
$1,700.00   $650.00  $1,050.00 

* This is based on the current rates of 75% on the first $400, 50% on next $350 and 33 1/3% on the next $525.

Elections Canada Personal Limits on Contributions

There are also maximum amounts that each person can donate in a calendar year. The Eglinton Lawrence Conservative Association is a Registered Association, so falls into the second row. In addition to donating here, you can also donate to the national party up to the limit in 2023.

Political entity 2023 annual limit
To each registered party $1,700
In total to all the registered associations, nomination contestants and candidates of each registered party $1,700