About our Riding

Eglinton Lawrence EDA occupies the area bounded by Highway 401 to the north, Yonge Street to the East, Eglinton Avenue to the south and the area one block west of Caledonia Road, to the belt line.

Population of Eglinton Lawrence EDA was 116,139 (according to 2021 census).

Registered Voters 93,500 (approximate in 2023)
Polling Divisions 196
Area 24 sq. km


ridiing.jpgThe Eglinton Lawrence Conservative Association is the official electoral district association of the Conservative Party of Canada advancing the policies and principles of the party. The intention of this website is to help you learn more about the Eglinton Lawrence EDA, and the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors are the volunteers of the Eglinton Lawrence EDA that help to plan and implement the activities of the Eglinton Lawrence EDA.

A new board is chosen annually at a properly structured Annual General Meeting (AGM) each new year to serve the EDA members for the current calendar year. Any member who wishes may attend an AGM and seek nomination to be chosen to serve on the EDA board. The current board members were chosen at the AGM held on January 31st 2024 to hold office until such time as they leave the EDA or until the next AGM to be held in January 2025, whichever comes first.

2024 Executive Members

President Allan Hoffman
Michael Lublin
Financial Agent
Ian Sargeant
Steve van Groningen
Executive Director 
Katarina Glozic
Executive Director
 Ashlyn O'Mara
Executive Director Michael Opara