Conservatives Bring Common Sense Law Targeting Extortionists

February 13, 2024

Ottawa, ON – Tim Uppal, Deputy Leader of the Conservative party of Canada, introduced Private Member’s Bill C-381, the Protection Against Extortion Act, will protect Canadians from becoming victims of extortion. 

Bill C-381 enforces a three-year mandatory minimum penalty for extortion and restores a four-year minimum penalty for extortion involving a non-restricted firearm, which was repealed by the Liberal government in Bill C-5. Bill C-381 sets a mandatory minimum penalty of five years for extortion linked to a criminal organization and recognizes arson as an aggravating factor in extortion charges.

“After eight years of Justin Trudeau, extortion offences have risen by 218% and violent crime is up by 39%. Reckless Liberal policies, such as Bill C-5, have repealed mandatory minimum penalties for extortion offenses, making it easier for criminals to avoid prison time, get back onto our streets, and continue terrorizing our communities. Canadians shouldn’t have to live like this,” said MP Uppal.

In just eight years, extortion has dramatically increased across Canada. The rate of extortion was five times higher in 2022 than a decade prior. The rate of police-reported extortion increased for the third consecutive year in 2022. Extortion is a particular problem in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, where it has risen 263%, 284%, and 386% respectively since 2015. In the GTA, extortions have increased by 155% since 2015, and in Vancouver, by 228%.  “After eight years of Trudeau, crime, chaos, and disorder, are the norm. The good news is that it wasn’t like this before Justin Trudeau, and it won’t be like this after he is gone,” said MP Uppal. “Common sense Conservatives will reverse the damage caused by Justin Trudeau’s soft-on-crime policies by going after criminals and leaders of organized crime rings. Bill C-381 will protect our communities from extortionists, punish the gangs who benefit from extortion, and bring home safe streets for all Canadians.”